A question to the Councils

CWEST  has just been launched and is starting by  putting forward a question to be asked at the joint County and City Councils’ Exeter Board, at their next meeting on 25 September at 6pm at County Hall. This question will be:

Given the considerable disquiet expressed by both councillors and many members of the public over the past 4 years regarding transport issues in SW Exeter, and the building of 3000 new homes, do councillors agree that proposed transport solutions for SW Exeter, including the proposed park and ride on protected River Valley Park land, are urgently in need of some fresh thinking?  We would also ask councillors to secure more transparency about what is going on and what is planned with regard to transport issues in SW Exeter, as there is a lot of interest in the topic.

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Alphington Park & Ride planning application

Mid September 2014.  Devon County Council will soon withdraw the planning application for an 800 space park and ride on the Oaklands Riding school fields. They will then be putting in a fresh application which seeks to soften the very significant amenity, visual and environmental impact of the proposed park and ride. CWEST will be following this process and can keep you in touch if sign up to our newsletter.

Getting public money to pay for SW Exeter transport solutions

Devon County Council, as the lead council for strategic transport, will lead an application  to the Heart of the SW Local Economic Partnership, for £6 million of public money, to build the Alphington Park and Ride. This application is a lengthy process, and includes showing how a final option has been chosen, and that more effective and/or cheaper alternatives have been properly considered. CWEST wants to be closely involved with this process and with exploring smarter transport solutions for SW Exeter.