Still time to make your Ide park & ride consultation responses

Despite DCC’s website still saying today is the last day for making comments on the application to build a 550 place park and ride on the edge of Exeter and Ide, the council has said in emails, that it will accept responses up to the end of May. CWEST has written to DCC urging them to change the website information, so everyone understands that they still have time to make their comments.

Residents in Ide have been objecting strongly to the proposal, citing further congestion and tailbacks on the A30 and on the Ide slip road, air pollution concerns, attracting rat run motorists who will use the space as a free car park, and of course the fact that the site is home to a good population of dormice and slow worms.  Many have also said that they feel £6million could be far better spent on improving walking, cycling and public transport measures – exactly what CWEST has been saying for the past 2 years.

The proposed scheme will do nothing for Alphington, St Thomas and Cowick, as there is no attempt to even promise less congestion or improved travel times on the Alphington Road, and research on park and rides shows clearly that it increases congestion in its immediate vicinity ie up to and including Alphington Cross. Residents living on the edges of Alphington and Cowick will certainly see the high level lighting of the scheme, and of the new roundabout.

CWEST is continuing to collect information about the reality of how park and ride is operating now – which is a long way from how it is presented by DCC, and about the evidence underpinning the claims made about benefits. We are also talking to others about pushing for a completely different approach to improving travel in this SW side of Exeter -watch this space…

And don’t forget, if you have views about this park and ride, do make your comments at    Application DCC/3846/2016.