Silence from majority of west of Exeter prospective councillors

2 weeks ago, CWEST asked all of the city council prospective councillors for Alphington, Cowick & St Thomas to state their views on the proposed park and ride being built in the Alphington Valley Park and on whether a full and open review of current transport proposals for the SW of the city was needed. Only 1 Labour candidate and all of the Green Party candidates have found the time to respond so far. In similar undemocratic vein,  Devon County Council have yet to even acknowledge receipt of CWEST’s open letter -sent a month ago – asking for a full review of the transport proposals for the SW of the city. Please ask prospective candidates for these western wards what their views are on the park and ride at Alphington and on the current lack of quality walking and cycling provision in and around Alphington and Marsh Barton. Let’s make democracy mean something in these local elections.