The Plans for SW Exeter

So what’s happening in SW Exeter?

3000 new homes are being built on the edge of Alphington.  Everyone agrees that these new homes on western edge of the city will add to the existing transport issues, and that the key to the future is to enable people to travel into and around Exeter as easily as possible, without depending on their cars.14082014707

Current transport plans for SW Exeter

  1. A package of high quality walking and cycling routes within the SW Exeter development. However, links from the area for walkers and cyclists, out to surrounding employment areas, schools and City Centre are currently very poor and the proposed package of measures does little to address this. Marsh Barton is also unsafe and unattractive for cyclists and pedestrians at present, and has no bus service within it.
  2. Highway improvements to Alphington Road Corridor to increase capacity to accommodate additional development traffic and maintain accessibility for the west of the urban area into the city centre.
  3. Additional park and ride capacity to the south west of Exeter. After years of local campaigning, Devon County Council have given up their previous plans to put the scheme on the Oaklands Riding School site, and  are now proposing to put this scheme on the other side of the A30 roundabout at Ide.

 4. A new railway station at Marsh Barton, (next to the incinerator on Grace Road);From the Exeter Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Exeter City Council 2011

CWEST believes that this mix of solutions needs to be looked at afresh, taking into account the latest thinking about sustainable transport and ‘livable’ cities.

To see the current complete list of proposals, click here.

Who’s making the decisions on all this?

Deciding who gets what public money for large transport schemes is no longer Devon County Council’s job. Instead, the Local Economic Partnership that covers Devon –the Heart of the South West Local Economic Partnership now has that power, via it’s Local Transport Board. For more on the Local Economic Partnership, click here

This means that the whole decision-making and plan shaping process is currently quite complicated, and ‘invisible’ with no one council committee being in charge. To date, there has been very little publicly available information about the various plans, with Devon County Council’s webpage on the Alphington park and ride being unchanged between early 2011 and August 2014, despite numerous internal discussions and policy changes.

CWEST are therefore keen to promote transparent, clear communication about transport thinking and decisions that affect SW Exeter.

Current list of transport proposals for SW Exeter

CWEST has worked to obtain a clearer picture of what is currently being proposed, as the policies and funding are fragmented across a bewildering range of documents, dates and organisations. Part of the problem is that very few people really understand quite what is being proposed. Devon County Council recently provided a helpful summary of current proposals and agreed actions – click here