Response to CWEST from Exeter & Devon Councils

Thanks to Councillors Hannaford (St Thomas) and Hill (Cowick and Alphington) who were really supportive of our request for both greater clarity and transparency about what is going on regarding transport issues in SW Exeter, and our suggestion that it is time for a fresh, more innovative look at possible solutions. Cllr Hill also confirmed that not all councillors are yet convinced by the proposal to put a large park and ride on the Oaklands Riding School fields on the edges of Cowick and Alphington.

Our brief Q & A allocated time also confirmed our understanding that the only council committee (across Exeter City and Devon County Councils) that has a say on strategic transport matters, is the Devon County Council Cabinet, although a decision on whether or not funding will be awarded is now in the hands of the Heart of Devon Local Economic Partnership and not local government.

Thanks too to the Chair of the Joint Exeter Board, Cllr Leadbetter, who suggested that CWEST should come in to meet key officers and councillors to discuss our ideas further. A positive and more open dialogue about what is happening is exactly part of what CWEST was set up to achieve.

We are now settling down to do further background research on the issues so we are well prepared for that meeting. Watch this space!