Fresh ideas for SW Exeter transport

Following Devon and Teignbridge’s request for CWEST to submit suggestions for changes to the proposed package of transport solutions for SW Exeter, we have just submitted a letter with some suggestions. Highlights include:

  • improving walking and cycling into and around Marsh Barton, and a shuttle bus service for the estate
  • a new, high profile pedestrian and cycle bridge route into the river valley park, alongside the current unsafe, narrow railway bridge by the incinerator.
  • lots of small, cheap changes such as improved signing, more dual use pavements etc
  • asking whether £6 million pounds for a park and ride would be better spent on walking, cycling and bus provision

There is no planned provision for any further public engagement on any of this, but we are hopeful that as with our opposition to the park and ride being built on the Oaklands fields, some common sense will prevail and a dialogue might continue on these really important issues.