Devon & Exeter City Council – disappointing replies

CWEST has finally received a reply from Devon and Exeter councils to our ‘open letter’ – Teignbridge have yet to reply. ┬áThe response is disappointing, with the main points being:

  • confirmation that planning permission for the park and ride at Alphington will be sought during this year
  • refusal to undertake a review of current proposals for transport in SW Exeter
  • no offer of any quality dialogue or discussion with CWEST or other local groups – but tokenistic offers of attending a forum once a year (see below)
  • on a positive note, news that Devon and Exeter want to set up a Transport Strategy Working Group, including First Great Western and Stagecoach. If approved, local people and groups would be invited to attend an ‘open forum’ once a year. The city and county councils wrongly hope that this will provide an appropriate way to engage with groups like CWEST!

CWEST is now talking to people to prepare a response. You can see the county and city council’s full response here (city) and here (county).