CWEST will continue to press for answers

CWEST have responded to Devon and Exeter Council’s refusal to review the transport proposals for SW Exeter with disappointment. We will now continue to ask questions that have to be asked – what do they think the park and ride on the Oaklands Riding school fields will actually achieve? Where is the evidence for that? Where is the proof that this is the best site for a park and ride? Is this really the most effective way to spend £6 million?  Why is there no real provision for walkers and cyclists who want to get into and out of Marsh Barton, and into and out of the city centre and St Leonard’ area (RD &E hospital etc)? As ever, watch this space where we hope that answers will be forthcoming. We have asked for the latest news on when the planning application for the park and ride will be submitted, but haven’t yet had an answer….

To read the full reply from CWEST, click here

STOP PRESS. Since posting this, DCC have replied to our enquiry on the planning timetable for the park and ride and on the question of whether other sites are still  being considered or not. So it seems a great deal is still in hanging in the air….

It is fair to say that we are collecting further information about alternative sites so Oaklands is not the only site currently under consideration – we need to be confident that we have thoroughly investigated the potential for a P&R site on all locations within the vicinity of the A30/A377 junction, taking into account cost, engineering deliverability, environmental, social and land constraints. We have no Development Management Committee meeting in mind. We have not submitted pre-application papers yet.