Constructive meeting with DCC

CWEST have had a constructive meeting with Cllr Andrew Leadbetter and transport planner Jamie Hulland, (both from Devon County Council).  Cllr Leadbetter showed a very open mind in listening to what we had to say, both on the need for a fresh look at what is proposed for transport, and on the doubts CWEST has over whether a £6 million park and ride at the Alphington interchange  is the most effective transport tool. DCC will now be sending us their stated objectives for this park and ride site (something we have been waiting for since October) and evidence to show that it will achieve those objectives. DCC will also be helping CWEST in the goal of having a ‘user friendly’ and up to date list of what transport schemes are currently proposed for SW Exeter, with their costs and any information on how they will be funded. We will then publish this on this website.

Cllr Leadbetter suggested a further meeting with CWEST in January, to further discuss these issues.

CWEST will be putting a formal request to have a review of current transport proposals to Devon and Exeter Councils in January.