Alphinbrook Valley Park fields saved!

After more than  six years of local campaigning to save the Oaklands Riding School fields and a unique ‘gateway’ into Exeter from being concreted over,Devon County Council have officially announced that they are now considering another site. This is fantastic news and shows that local people can make a difference, particularly when they have a handful of councillors who are prepared to listen to their concerns.

This means that one of CWEST’s main aims as a campaign group – to prevent a park and ride being built on that site, has been achieved. However, our work has uncovered many questions and doubts about the benefits of a £6 million park and ride scheme, so we will continue to press for clear evidence and rationale for the scheme, now proposed for the Ide side of the A30 roundabout. We will also continue to work for another main goal – improving cycling and walking facilities for SW Exeter.