The Campaign for West Exeter Smarter Transport

15072014665The Campaign for West Exeter Smarter Transport (CWEST) believes that the current transport proposals for improving travel around Alphington, Cowick and the major new development area on the SW edge of the city urgently need reviewing.  CWEST wants to see a refreshed, smarter approach to the transport issues facing the South West side of the city, and believes that a failure to do so will mean spending millions of pounds for little or no result.

We want to promote creative thinking for improved transport solutions across all those with an interest in keeping Exeter moving – the County Council, Exeter and Teignbridge Councils, the bus companies, train companies, businesses, and of course local residents.

8.24 congestionWhy CWEST?

We believe that the current plans for dealing with South West Exeter’s future transport (of all kinds) could be significantly improved. In particular, we think that:

  • There is scope to consider more modern, effective and affordable approaches to transport, that will fit better with the low carbon future we are entering.
  • The plan to put an 600 space park and ride facility on a field just off the A30 roundabout at Ide, is a misguided, expensive and damaging proposal.
  • The current provision and planned improvements for pedestrians and cyclists travelling from, into and around St Thomas, Alphington and the new development areas, are whollly inadequate

CWEST has been formed by a group of people who feel that it is worth working together to secure better solutions for the South West of Exeter12.36 lorry congestion, in the face of the transport headaches that will be posed by the 3000 homes due to be built in SW Exeter.

CWEST is keen to promote transparent, clear communication about transport thinking and decisions that affect SW Exeter.